Big diameters

Latest technology for the best bobbin capacity/speed ratio on the market

Capacity and speed mean profitability

Discover the best bobbin capacity/speed ratio on the market. Unfailing profitability.

With the latest generation technology

The braiding machines incorporate the latest electronic technology. Such as the new Back Twist System®, incorporated in the 8/724 model, synchronised with gears. Robust machinery for reliable production.

The new synchronised Back Twist System® is a mechanism that allows the twist of each individual strand to be maintained with greater precision during the braiding operation.

This is achieved because the carriers are always facing the same direction. The result is a braid with more estable strands thanks to the steady, and uniform spindle movement.

Winding machines: Indispensable complement

As an indispensable complement to its wide-diameter braiding machines, Ratera offers winding machines that feature the same robustness and technology

Smart bobbins

Bobbins are equipped with photoelectric detectors to stop the machine when they run out of yarn, preventing defects in the rope.

Height adjustment

Motorized height adjustment at the braiding point.

Improved traction

Horngears with helicoidal gears for a better traction.


Constant, permanent lubrication.

Advanced platens & spindles

Horngears and carriers with treated and rectified feet.

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